Learn To Make The Perfect Brownie – Dense, Soft And With Lots Of Chocolate

The mass of this compact cake has only five ingredients. Once you learn the basics, venture through different variations; check out the recipes here.

Brownie is a compact chocolate cookie. With crunchy crust and soft, oily, almost topping, it is one of the most consumed cakes in the world. Icon of the American recipe, it has one basic difference compared to ordinary chocolate cake: it does not take yeast. So it does not grow.  

The basic formula has only five ingredients: sugar, cocoa, butter, flour and eggs. But the recipe also includes ingredients such as nuts, nuts, fresh and dried fruits, coffee, whiskey, liquor, ganache, chocolate chips, caramel…    

But the soul of the brownie is really dough, very soft and with high concentration of chocolate. For this, two tips: use the best chocolate (whether in bar, chips, powder or even cocoa) as you can; and beware of the temperature of the oven for which the cake does not bake too much. Ideally, you should stop cooking as soon as a cone is formed on top, as the brownie must be moist on the inside. At Baked Comfort Food you will find the tips for different types of brownies.

When combining the basic ingredients, there are two possible techniques. In the first, most popular, the butter is melted (in a water bath or microwave) along with the chocolate. To this mixture are incorporated the eggs, one at a time, and then the dry ingredients. The result is a very soft brownie, reminiscent of a compact cake of damp mass. The second option is to beat the eggs with the sugar until everything double in size and look very frothy. Then, enter the melted chocolate and butter and the dry ingredients. Thus, the mass becomes even wetter, more sticky.

Here Are The Different Types Of Chocolate Brownie:

1.Chocolate Brownie

Starting with the basics, a recipe that everyone deserves to have in their personal arsenal. It is made with the classic method and half bitter chocolate.

2.Chocolate Brownie with Walnuts

One of the ingredients that most combine with a good chocolate brownie are the nuts. They can be chopped roughly in batter or even as decoration on top.  

3.Chocolate brownie with cream cheese

The cream cheese goes to the freezer, is cut into cubes and then placed between two layers of dough. It contrasts well with the taste of chocolate and still contributes to the creamy texture.  

4.Chocolate brownie with salty caramel

The combination of bitter chocolate with sweet caramel and touches of salt is not modinha, it is a perfect balance of flavors . In this recipe, also learn never to miss the caramel.  

5.Chocolate brownie with banana

Also called a monkey (brown), it takes fruit slices over the dough.

6.Chocolate brownie – dough brownie

Done with the second technique, the dough becomes quite dense to moist. It is a great choice to serve with cream ice cream.  

7.White chocolate brownie with Brazil nut

Want to give a new personality to your brownie? Bet on this recipe with white chocolate and nuts. The color changes, but the texture follows perfect.  

8.Brownie with chocolate drops and hot syrup

A simple recipe that, made in individual hoops, turns into an indulgent dessert with ares of sophistication.  

9.Contrast of chocolate with salty caramel

Here the brownie is made very softly and turns the structure of a dessert that still carries salty caramel cream and vanilla ice cream.

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